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The Bio

Marcus was born and raised in Kansas City Missouri. He spent 18 years of his life here gathering the principles that would set him on course to be an extraordinary entrepreneur; a Super Achiever as he calls it. A catalyst of education, he began a 9 year quest in 2008 and completed the first half of the journey in 2014 by acquiring 5 degrees. These degrees consist of Information Technology, Marketing, Supply Chain, and Business. Still desiring more education, Marcus completed his masters in 2016 with concentrations in Project Management and Business Development, all while obtaining an additional 6 certifications to complete the quest in 2017. His most noticeable certifications are Project Management Professional, Certified Business Development Expert, and Certified Public Speaker. Marcus is highly recognized for his skills in Sales, Recruiting, Financial and Real Estate Investment, Organizational Development, Innovation / Design Thinking, as well as Diversity and Inclusion just to name a few.

Being that Marcus is a 3rd generation entrepreneur with over 25 years of entrepreneurship exposure, over 10 years of business and marketing experience and over 8 years of IT experience; it’s safe to say he was bred to be an Entrepreneur. Over the years, Marcus has started and developed many businesses. Some of the most recognized are Customized Minds, CM Investments, and Customized Shopping. All of the businesses Marcus has started, developed, or invested in have a common principle: People come first!

Marcus believes and shares in his messages that people are the key ingredient to our successes and failures. This belief was developed from his personal life mission. The gift of helping and loving people has been given to Marcus. Every day, he strives closer to fulfilling his purpose which is to empower and inspire millions of people who believe they were brought together to help each other achieve their purposes.

The passion, energy, excitement, and joy Marcus has is contagious. Interacting and receiving a life changing message from him is something no one can forget!

Book Marcus for Speaking Engagements

Marcus’s Speaker Value Proposition

The passion, energy, excitement, and joy Marcus delivers with every presentation is contagious. Every message provides a clear action plan and deliberate improvement strategies to achieve one’s goals in life on purpose!

Popular Programs – Keynote

This program captures and delivers Marcus’s passion for helping and loving people. SpeakLife365 not only teaches the importance of one’s words, but it demonstrates the power words have in our life. Levering the 25+ years of entrepreneurship exposure, Marcus shares the rollercoaster ride of the entrepreneurship journey and how consistency overcomes any roadblock or obstacle. The concept that everyone is the entrepreneur of their own life is deliberately conveyed. In essence, the audience walks away realizing the entrepreneur that lies within them, but most of all, how to unleash this greatness waiting within!

Categories: Entrepreneurship, Inspiration, Empowerment

Live Life on Purpose

Many people have the questions of what is purpose and how do I achieve it? This presentation answers both questions effectively, helps people live the life they desire and were born to live. Through a series of questions, Marcus teaches the audience how to regain and maintain control of their life. Marcus describes several of the “unfair” life situations most people experience, which ends up hindering them from living the life they envisioned. By the end of the program, everyone in the audience has a new sense and meaning for responsibility. Marcus teaches how we are 100% responsible for how we respond when life throws adversities and challenges our way!
Categories: Entrepreneurship, Inspiration, Empowerment

You’re The Brand

In this interactive presentation, Marcus delivers the importance of understanding what your personal brand is. The critical definition of “you are a walking brand” is delivered like never seen before. Each member in the audience will know how to connect, establish, and grow the brand they want to represent. Personal branding and harnessing the power of it is essential to developing a successful business, prospering as a professional, and making meaningful contributions in the 21st century.
Categories: Marketing, Empowerment, Business

Love Failing On Purpose

Many people despise and avoid failure thinking they are getting closer to success. In this lesson, Marcus exposes the dangers of this type of thinking and behavior. This myth is replaced with the truth and the thought process Super Achievers have when it comes to embracing failure. The audience learns how to fail big, fast, but most of all, learns that failures are the predecessors to successes. The key insights delivered in this presentation teaches the importance of consistency, helps overcome adversity, showcases the leadership abilities within all of us, and reshapes everyone’s outlook on failure.
Categories: Leadership, Inspiration, Personal Development

Manage A Job Between Your Dream

Many of us desire to be entrepreneurs. But most of the time, our jobs are in the way! Learning how to manage your job as you build and then eventually transition into your dream is critical to you becoming a successful entrepreneur. Implementing the tactics learned in this presentation will prevent you from burning bridges, feeling overwhelmed, quitting on your dream, and identify ways to reach your dream quicker. You will be empowered and properly know to leverage innovation, technology, and the successes of other entrepreneurs to help you manage your job standing between your dream!
Categories: Entrepreneurship, Empowerment, Innovation

Influencing From A Distance

In our global society, we all have the power to influence each other and businesses. The secret to this powerful decision making, lies within our ability to influence without having direct influence. Marcus explains how the greatest leaders, communicators, and Super Achievers are able to massively influence nations, generations, and industries without being in direct leadership positions. Being able to influence one life or millions of lives is an art of communication we all possess. Everyone attending this presentation will know how to unlock this gift and properly use their influence from a distance.
Categories: Leadership, Business, Communication

Breakout Sessions
Plan Like A Super Achiever

Are you winning at life? In the 21st century, your plan, but more importantly, executing your plan is what’s going to give you the competitive advantage you need. Marcus will teach you the essential insights of how Super Achievers continue to dominate their industries by following their executive plans. After this session, you will know how to win at the game of life. Yes, even overcoming the most stressful and unexpected circumstances life throws at you!
Category: Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Overcoming Adversity

Are you winning at life? In the 21st century, your plan, but more importantly, executing your plan is what’s going to give you the competitive advantage you need. Marcus will teach you the essential insights of how Super Achievers continue to dominate their industries by following their executive plans. After this session, you will know how to win at the game of life. Yes, even overcoming the most stressful and unexpected circumstances life throws at you!

Massive Disruption Businesses

Have a desire to start a business or enter into a new market? This session will give you what is needed before selecting your industry, product, service, and business model. Marcus has over 25 years of entrepreneurship exposure and he will explain the business secret of Market Disruption! Learn what it is and why it’s your lifeline for you to obtain long lasting success regardless of the market you want to enter.

Categories: Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Innovation

Innovating Through Your Circumstances

Your body is an innovative machine and the most fascinating component is the brain. The brain is just like Google! Better yet, it’s better than any search engine created. Marcus utilizes the analogy of comparing the brain to a search engine, in order to demonstrate how we are the masters of our own destiny. He explains how powerful the brain is when the correct hardware and software is installed on the hard drive. This innovative comparison teaches how to learn from history, improve performance, and leverage the technology at our disposal to create endless opportunities.   
Categories: Innovation, Empowerment, Improving Performance

Marketing Your Brand Off

Unfortunately, marketing is not found to be a top priority on most people’s hobby list. Marketing can be perceived as: cumbersome, complicated, misleading, annoying, irresponsible, costly, endless, and a flat out waste of time! However, this session helps people overcome the negative perception and teaches the importance of marketing as well as the power of it when used correctly. Proactive and reactive marketing techniques are taught in this lesson and ready to use examples are given for both. The audience will know how to use these techniques to help a business grow their sales, maintain customer loyalty, and expand brand exposure.
Categories: Marketing, Business, Sales

What Makes You Interesting 

Have you ever wondered what makes you unique or separates you from the next guy? In a world that has growing trend after trend, it can become difficult to maintain your self-identity. Viral videos and stories have captured the attention of millions of people and changed lives of many. Here is an underlying question many of us have: what is my viral story? Marcus shares how to answer this question, all while holding true to your individuality. He teaches you how to embrace your life story, unique flaws, embarrassing failures, and horrifying experiences. You will know how these components make you interesting and why they are your unique value proposition to the world!
Categories: Entrepreneurship, Creativity, Leadership  

Sales Ain’t Complicated

You’re a seller, I’m a seller, we are all sellers! So if everyone is a seller and in the sales industry, why do people struggle with sales? Why do people feel the art of selling was developed in is this magical land from far far away? Marcus answers these questions by helping the audience realize some of the major sales they have made in their own life. Utilizing the sales cycle formula, the audicane is immersed into the persona of a customer. Walking in the customer’s shoes and experiencing the sales cycle from their perspective, inspires everyone to leave the room a better salesperson. Everyone also understands how they are professional seller, even if its not their job title.   
Categories: Sales, Personal Development, Inspiration

Audience Specialty


Business Professionals



Collegiate students and collegiate bound students

Speaking Topics

  • Business, Business Growth
  • Communication Skills
  • Corporate Culture
  • Customer Experience
  • Education
  • Entrepreneur
  • Growth
  • Inspiration
  • Innovation
  • Motivation
  • Performance
  • Sales Growth
  • Teamwork
  • Change / Change Management
  • Creativity
  • Customer Loyalty/Relationship
  • Diversity
  • Empowerment
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Finance
  • Improving Performance
  • Leadership
  • Overcoming Adversity
  • Personal Development
  • Relationships (Business / Organization)
  • Talent Management


This is a GREAT message Marcus! Hits home for me. I am not good at saying NO, however you have now inspired me to think about this more purposely and how this can change my life for the better!
Thank you!

— Diane

Thank you for these inspirational tips. This one right here speaks to how I carry myself daily in this life of service that I lead. I plan on using some of this to send out to my team here at work. To read it and hear it will make some difference I’m sure!
— Ronnie

Enjoyed the story, comparisons, and it was very mind provoking! Thanks
— Pat

Thank you so very much.  I really enjoy the information you send and I’m definitely sharing it with my friends.

This one is really cool!!! Thank you Marcus

Thanks – I shared this with my management team!
— Patrick

Thank you Mr. Boles. You just made my morning and I am sure my day. Beautiful story. I am going to make sure and share it.
— Jose

Just want you to know I like your messages.  I even share them with my daughter!

I just wanted to say thank you for your messages. I really enjoy them and find them highly motivating. Keep it up!


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