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Marcus Boles - President & CEO

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Our Corporation Values: At Customized Minds People, Processes, & Systems these 3 key factors are direct correlation to our success!

Who We Are: A Marketing holding firm focusing on Joint Ventures, Business & Project Management.

Customized Shopping: An E-Commerce shopping platform showcasing successful businesses who have created life changing products and services. Our online store connects customers seeking solution driven products and services to businesses created by innovative entrepreneurs.

Customized Speaking: A technology driven professional speaking agency. Our purpose is to inspire and empower the people we connect with as they recognize and achieve their purpose. We fulfill this this vision through information and awareness.

CM Investments: A business development and management firm growing startups and established businesses to mid-size companies and large organizations. We partner our clients with great people, a proven process, and implement great systems which produce residual income / positive cash flow for the business.

Real Estate: Our corporation purchases and sells properties in the United State. We also help our clients buy and sell their property. We specialize in fast closings, streamlined information, and proven success processes / systems.

Investments Services (Insurance & Financial Planning): We provide Life, Health, Property & Causality Insurance to our clients. We specialize in providing premium wealth building products for our clients.

Real Estate Education: Our programs are one of a kind! We give our students a clear path to get into the game of Real Estate and a clear path to succeed! Our programs take students through the basics of how to start their business and implement proven success systems to growth their business.

Courses consist of: Wholesaling, Fix & Flip, Buy & Hold, REO, and Secrets to Internet Leads

Our Sub Companies

Being a marketing holding firm focusing on Joint Ventures, Business & Project Management, we hold ourselves accountable for inspiring and empowering every entrepreneur we can. Below are the businesses we are responsible for developing and growing.

Leveraging the power of the internet, we created a platform that enhances the distribution of products and services designed by entrepreneurs of the 21st century. Our online store Customized Shopping consist of products and services that were developed within the Business Start Up Development division of Customized Minds as well as other successful companies started by entrepreneurs. The site has a wide variety of companies you can support and in return, these products and services will help make the world a better place!

Our goal is to inspire and empower you to help you achieve your purpose; whatever that may be! We are only able to achieve this mission by connecting with you and your organization. Once we have connected with you, our amazing speakers are able to deliver tailored information and bring awareness to the topics listed below. These topics will change and improve our communities, your organization, the people within your organization, and ultimately make our world a better place!

Help us achieve our purpose as we help you do the same. In the end, that is what we were all brought together to do!

We strategically invest our time and capital in entrepreneurs looking to Start or Grow their business. People, Processes, and Systems are our core values which have allowed for us to provide our businesses with premium opportunities to succeed.
We develop Success Road Maps for each business and guide them through every step of the process to ensure profitability.

Transforming the landscape of the insurance industry with protection by way of innovation and technology!

Moving forward in a progressive way to luxury living!

Services that provide a world free of poverty and enriched with financial independence!


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