Don’t just live at the tip of the iceberg,

Do you live your life at the surface, or do you take a much deeper dive?
What this is really relating to is when you come up against challenges in life what do you do?
If you are going to go after anything in life worthwhile, it’s going to always be harder than you initial thought it would be.
This is because you do not know the unknown….

Not knowing the unknown doesn’t mean you should be fearful or never go after anything in life. What it means is, expect the challenge you are looking to accomplish to be much harder then what you planned for…
Not to toot my own horn, but I’m and expert planner…. This is one of the things I do for a living. This is one of my gifts and I’m super good at it! Therefore, just about everything in my life is planned.
But when I plan, I plan for the +/- 20% I can’t control, the things I know I forgot about, the additional challenges I know I’m going to face, for the simple fact that I’m not God and do not know everything.
So back to you, what do you do when you are going through life or striving for success and start to get push back, friction, start to hit a wall or get resistance?
Do you say after two or three times, you know this isn’t working. I quit / I give up?
Do you say after two or three times, let me go about this another way?
Or do you say, I’m not going to stop until I make this work?

These are very resourceful question you need to know the answer to. You should be asking yourself these questions before starting any great achievement.
This is because it’s NOT IF you will come up against resistance, friction, or struggle, it’s a matter of WHEN and how heavy of a weight it is…
You must know or have a good idea of what your strategy will be when these difficult challenges show their faces along your success journey.
Ok…. Here is the good news!
If you know your strategies before you begin any great achievement, you will 100% of the time, triumph over every ugly situation that appears along the way!!!
Did you catch that???
Ultimately, if you “plan in advance” for what “might” come up, you will be victorious!
Of course that does not mean plan so much that you get stuck at the starting blocks and you never get going…. But the likelihood of you finishing the race because you got blindsided by something you never had a contingency plan is very slim.
I’m just saying…. We see it happen all the time in life! Don’t be a victim of the challenges that lay ahead of you.
Its not a matter of if, but a matter of when they will arise. Now that you know to be resourceful and will triumph over every challenge, you can help your family, friends, network, and business do the same!


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