You can create happiness or misery,

Do you really believe the brain is the most powerful muscle you have?
If you haven’t noticed, your brain controls and creates everything that’s in or isn’t in your life.
This isn’t some scientific mumbo jumbo… The brain has the power to heal or the power to destroy!

I have had the pleasure to meet several St. Jude patients and families because one of the Customized Minds businesses is located in Memphis, TN.
It was truly amazing to see how positive, optimistic, joyful, passionate, creative, and upbeat these children and their families were despite their CURRENT situation.
One might ask, why are they so rejoiceful when death is so close to their life? What is exciting and positive about a child having cancer?
The answer is hope!
The children I met all SURVIVED and now have gone on to live outstanding lives!
How is this possible? This is because the brain has the power to heal. When you surround it with a positive atmosphere, (the family in the children’s case) it will produce a positive outcome.

The opposite is true as well.
If you look at the life of someone who is always complaining, sad, stressed, worried, selfish, and negative, you will see their life deteriorate before your eyes.
Now this is a person who does not have cancer but is much closer to death than the St. Jude patients.
This is because the brain has the power to destroy.
If the brain continues to be told sadness, stress, worry, and negativity is the environment it’s going to live in, the brain will go into protection mode.
In short, protection mode for the brain is DEATH.
Why death? Well it’s because it has nothing to strive towards or to be hopeful about. So why should the brain keep living?

The purpose of this message was to encourage you to watch what you speak over your life…. But more importantly, VIGOROSLY protect what you allow your mind to think!
There are people who are in what appear to be much more troublesome situations than your and they triumph and don’t complain! Given you now see the power your brain has, I speak long life and success over you. Do the same for someone else and yourself.


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