The unnecessary sacrifices in life,

Do you know the difference between sacrifices and unnecessary sacrifices?
This is going to be a good one for all of the entrepreneurs reading this as well as those who are leading families or have a group a people depending on you.
I bet you have been told you have to be willing to risk it all!
I am not a gambling man, but as a super achiever and witnessing people bet it all, only to LOSE it all, I want to share with you how devastating this philosophy can be.

I have witnessed many entrepreneurs put their family, livelihood, and reputation at risk because of so called “sacrifices”.
If you don’t properly understand the difference between sacrifices and making UNSMART decisions, you will be swept into a vortex believing you are sacrificing, but you are really making unsmart decisions.
If you have a family, business, or a group of people depending on you to make the right decisions, you can’t afford to be blindsided by this vortex.
If you continue to make poor decisions when you think you are “sacrificing”, you will find yourself out of a job, business closed, cars repossessed, house foreclosed, no money, retirement and savings depleted, children and spouse unhappy, and you left looking clueless!

I learned early in life and it’s EXTREMELY IMPORTANT you adopt and master this philosophy ASAP. Are you ready??
Protect the down side and the risk!
Never go all in! Never put your eggs in one basket! Never put your family or livelihood at extreme risk!
When you have dependents or assists that are vulnerable to the decisions you make, the situation changes. You can’t make decisions based on you going back home to live with your parents or sleeping on a friend’s couch!
You have to protect the down side like Richard Branson did when he started Virgin Airline.
He leased his first 747 because if the venture didn’t work after a year, he could return the plane debt free. But if the venture worked, it would make him BILLIONS!

Always protect the downside and risk. People are depending on you to make the right decision. As always, share what you learned today with your network so they are not swept into the vortex of unnecessary sacrifices!


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