Achieving the desires of your heart,

Do you know why the saying “Follow your heart” is an important life lesson?
After reading the few sentences below, hopefully yesterday will be the last day you decide not to listen to your heart.
Remember that your heart will never steer you wrong if you TRULY listen to it!

Whether you believe in God, a greater calling, or the stars of the universe, it has been proven those who have faith in a higher power tend to succeed more in life and live happier lives.
Why is that?
Well it’s because faith gives hope. Faith creates opportunity. Faith gives you joy when things look miserable. Faith gives your heart vision and a 6th sense.
That last statement is what makes the phrase “Follow your heart” true…..
You know what I am talking about! When you are doing something wrong, in a relationship you know you need to leave, or not fully utilizing your skills, your heart gives you a gut check.

We all have this ability (the 6th sense). This gut check has happened to all of us.
There is only one difference between the people who “Follow their heart” and those who don’t. The individuals who choose to follow their heart actually LISTEN to their heart and the individuals who don’t, choose to IGNORE their heart.
I said all of this to say, if you have a DREAM in your heart, the only person stopping it from coming true is YOU!
Your heart knows what it wants, it knows its purpose, it knows its passion, it knows how it’s supposed to be inspiring and empowering lives, but you have to let it! You have to listen to it!
Ultimately, you decide if you live a happy, successful, productive, and joyful life! Your heart has been designed to live a great life and is very much capable of doing just that…
But you have the power to override it. #TheChoiceIsYours

Choose wisely because all of our days are limited. If you choose to “Follow your heart”, you will be successful! If it’s in your heart to share this message, then please do so. This is a great first step for learning how to listen to your heart.


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