Overcoming the comparison syndrome,

Who and what is at the center of your life?
Today we are going to learn why we do what we do and how we judge how we are doing.
I received this revelation from my mentor Darren Hardy.
When I heard it, I was blown away because I had never heard association described this way.

Most people compare someone else’s front of stage show with their back of stage reality!
Now what does that really mean???
It means when you are scrolling through your social media timeline and you see someone post a picture of them having an amazing time on vacation and you are at work wishing you were there.
It also means when watching an award show, movie, tv show, YouTube video etc, you wish you had those accomplishments…
These are all activities of what are considered as someone else’s front of stage show and now you are comparing it to your back of stage reality.
See, when you are on Facebook and looking at people post (snap shots of an exciting moment) and you think this is how they live their life every day, you are putting yourself in a depressing state of mind.

As humans, we are only able to process things by association / comparison.
Don’t believe me, try it.
Today at work, ask someone about how their children are doing in school or how they did in school when they were going through.
You will find yourself associating / comparing their children to yours or how you did in school compared to them.
If you don’t have any children, you will probably find yourself disengaged from the conversation because you don’t have an association reference or you might connect their children to your nieces and nephews.
There is nothing wrong with association and actually nothing you can do about it because that is how we are wired as humans. However you can control the physiology affects it has on you.
Understand you should never compare someone else’s front of stage show to your current back of stage reality because this is comparing apples to oranges.
Everyone has a back of stage, but our society has been designed to only associate or compare to someone else’s front of stage.

Keep your mind focused on growth and learning from others as you watch their front and back of stage performances! I hope this message empowered you and if it did, share it with someone in your network.


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