Be better than the best,

How extra are you?
How well do you pay attention and give to detail?
In order to win in the extremely advanced and competitive world we live in today, you have to be amazingly EXTRA!

As we have mentioned before, talent alone will not get you the victory, it will not prepare you for opportunity, and it will not give you a competitive advantage (on its own).
Everyone has talent. Everyone has skill. So how do you win on a level playing field?
Well, we can look to Saul for an answer. Many of you know him as Paul and the author of majority of the New Testament in the bible.
Paul is a great example because before he became saved and a disciple of Jesus, his nickname was All Out Saul.
This was because when Paul was passionate about something, everyone in talking distance was going to know his point of view.
Paul was given the talent of influencing people to take massive action.

This talent was one of the reasons why Jesus (who Paul wanted to kill) recruited him to be a disciple.
Paul was also responsible for ministering hundreds of thousands of Christians on multiple contents!
There are many morals of this story, but the one we are going to focus on is being extra.
Paul realized his gift was (influencing a mass number of people), but understood that his talent alone was not going to achieve his goals.
So his EXTRA was talking to any and every one in sight.
So I will leave you with this. What is your talent?
You know what it is…. It’s what you are passionate about. Now, understand there are thousands of people with that same talent.
What is going to be your EXTRA so you can achieve your goals?

Talent alone is not going to get you to the winner’s circle in our society. You have to determine your unique value proposition. Get the tips you need by heading over to our YouTube channel and bring a friend!


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