What you see is what you create,

Are you a visual learner?
If you are, you have an amazing life advantage…
But we are all going to understand what being a visual learner means by the end of this message.
We are all learners, but why is visual learning so special?

Visual learning is the most important and really the only learning style…. Yep!
I know you are probably saying, hold on Marcus! That is a bold statement… I am a hands on learner or I am an auditory learner.
And those answers might be the case, but those are just the ways you primarily process information. Ultimately, it all comes back to your BRAIN and its ONLY learning style is visual!
Yes…. What your brain is able to visualize, it creates!
Your brain doesn’t care how the information gets to it. The only way it can process information is by CREATING images it can relate to, thus making it a VISUAL learner.
We have all done this, so put yourself in this state: Taking a vacation or visiting somewhere you have never been.

How do you process information about this place in order to gather an IMAGE of what the experience might be?
You do research, which is the kinesthetic learning style. You may ask people about their experiences there, which is the auditory learning style. And you may look up pictures of this place, which is the visual learning style.
You use all of these styles to process information so that your brain can create a preconceived image and experience about visiting this place.
Now 3 things can happen, this image can be 100% accurate, 100% inaccurate, or somewhere in the middle.
I have said all of this in hopes that you now understand, what you visualize or imagine is what you will create in YOUR life!
This creative learning applies to all areas of your life…

Now that you know your brain is a visual learner, start dreaming BIG. Gather some ideas from our previous emails and videos on our YouTube channel so you can live the life of your dreams, LITERALLY!


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