It’s important you always strive for your best,

Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if you put forth your BEST effort with everything you do?
This was a question I asked myself one day and it has changed my life!
I want you to ask yourself that same question and use the information below as encouragement to always strive for your best.

The day I asked myself this life changing question, I just so happen to find this inspirational quote:
“Good is the enemy of good, better is the lack of performance for greatness, and great is a poor substitution for your best”!
I hope that one line just changed your life…….
The underlying meaning of this statement is simple. When you do your best, your very best, you leave no opportunity for doubt.
See, when you put forth effort anything less than your best, you will always have the thought of doubt.
Many of us know this thought as “WHAT IF”!

You NEVER want to do anything in life and walk away thinking what if.
Anything less than your best is an excuse of not stepping into your greatness!
I DARE you to do your BEST in everything you do! At first, you will surprise yourself, then you will scare yourself, then you will hold yourself accountable of doing nothing but your best!

One of the goals at Customized Minds and a personal goal of mine is to empower everyone to succeed. It’s in you and always has been. Be of service and inspire someone by sharing this message with your network.


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