How to be happy as you pursue your huge goals,

Do you think it’s impossible to be happy until you achieve your goal(s) or what your goals can buy you?
Today, I am going to address the elephant, bear, tiger, monkey, whatever you want to call it that’s in the room.
Billions of people, some who you know and love, are living unhappy lives because of an illusion…..
Their unhappiness has nothing to do with money or the economy!
So how do you really pursue happiness as you pursue success and your goals?
Well, let me stop you right there!
What you pursue eludes you…..

There is nothing wrong with pursuing your goals because they are typically tangible accomplishments.
The illusion happens with happiness and success. These two words are adjectives and not nouns! They are not accomplishments….
Billions of people have been taught happiness and success is something that is obtainable physically, but I am sorry to be the bear of bad news…
Happiness and success come from within. Once you realize, however YOU define happiness and success for YOUR life, you will be set free from the trap!
Happiness and success are feelings, emotions, and desires you control! Not more money, a new car, a bigger house, or more stuff!

Now that you know it’s 100% possible to be happy along your journey, share this message with your network so we can have happier and more successful people in the world! We have to let them know it comes from within!


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