Discovering your passion,
Do you have passion or do you lack passion?
Would people describe you as a passionate person?
We are going to discover today, EVERYONE has passion.
We will also discover the lack of focus and awareness leads people be believe they are not passionate.

Everyone is good at something. We all love something. Often times we confuse our passions with our hobbies.
You have heard the saying, do what you love for a living right….?
So I ask you, why are you not doing it?
You may say, I can’t make money doing that, I don’t have enough time, no one would buy / pay me for that etc….
And I would call you a liar… I know that sounded harsh, but it’s the truth.
You probably haven’t taken the time to prove if all of the excuses you gave are facts or not.
We all know what we are supposed to be doing with our time here, but many of us have chosen to ignore that inner voice.

That inner voice is what makes you smile, what excites you, what make you feel the most loved and accomplished!
So what are you going to do today to move you towards your passion and purpose?
I asked several questions today on purpose. Your homework assignment is to answer all of them. Don’t give any excuse as to why you couldn’t answer them.
Google and the power of the internet are amazing. USE IT to your ADVANTAGE!
Every person who you have called passionate or have heard called passionate, had to answer the questions I have given you as part of your homework assignment….
The only difference from you and them may be their passions and that they CHOOSE to step into their greatness!

This powerful message can change anyone’s life. Be a blessing to your network by simply forwarding / sharing this with message with them!


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