Grab your lucky socks,

Have you ever wondered what Luck really is?
The way most people describe luck (this magical fairy dust that falls on you and good things happen) makes you feel like you have to be in the right place at the right time or have Fairy God Parents! RIGHT??
This definition frustrated me for a short period of my life as a kid, but you may still be dealing with it today.
I want you to shake off the evil fairy dust that has been holding you back this whole time.

I was fortunate enough to break this evil curse over my life at an early age because I was given insight of what luck really is. Turns out, it wasn’t luck at all…..
LUCK is nothing but hard work that turns into preparation for when opportunity knocks and you kicking down the door with tremendous force when it does knock!
Now you may be thinking I used a lot of adjectives in that definition, but each one of them are important and true.
You must work hard, because if you don’t, you will not be fully prepared when opportunity knocks. Understand that opportunity WILL knock but you must be aware of it knocking. It doesn’t always announce itself in screaming voices of I AM HERE!! ITS ME, OPPORTUNITY!

When you realize opportunity is knocking you must kick down the door and let it know courageously that you are prepared to respond and seize the moment!
If you miss any of these steps you will not be “Lucky”……
When I grasped this concept as a kid, nothing could stop me then and nothing can stop me today.
Sure I faced adversity, difficult and unpleasant situations, challenges, and road blocks, but I was prepared to face them because of the definition of luck I gave you.
Luck doesn’t just prepare you for the good, it prepares you for the difficult as well…
There you have it… If you want to be one of the LUCKIEST people on the planet, work hard so you are prepared when opportunity knocks. With all your might, BLAST through the door when opportunity appears!

Be prepare for opportunity by plugging into our YouTube channel and be a blessing to your network by sharing this message. You are LUCKY!


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