How to protect and let things in,

What type of fence do you have around your mind? A better question may be, what are you letting in and out of your mind?
Believe it or not, we all have invisible fences around our minds. The fence serves two purposes, to let things in and to keep things out.

Hopefully by now, you understand your mind is your central intelligence center. Your mind when it comes to your body, is equivalent to the president of the United States, the White House, and or the Pentagon.
The United States has an amazing force field (a fence), around these locations and the president. The country is not going to let just anyone into these facilities or interact with the president.
The country is not going to let the president just go anywhere he feels like at any given time.
The same level of security (a fence), the United States has protecting the president, White House and Pentagon, you need for your mind.

If you are letting your mind have free access to any and everything at any time it wants to, the results of your life will be extremely subpar.
The opposite is true as well. If you have a fence around your mind blocking or negating new ideas, opportunities, and new connections, your life will still be extremely subpar.
You need to decide what type of fence to put around your mind. This fence needs to have a revolving door. This door should be welcoming new connections, ideas, and opportunities.
The door should be shoving out any negativity and people who are crippling you from achieving your goals.
The fence should be keeping out negativity people, disruptive information, and false beliefs.

Let us know the type of fence you are building or reconstructing. You have been given the power and its up to you to use it and share it!


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