It’s time to incorporate this into your budget,

Are you truly focusing on the important tasks that are going to yield you the best results?
I learned a very important skill from my mentor Darren Hardy and I would like to pass it along to you.
When you master this skill, your life will become increasingly balanced!

Delegation….. Surprisingly, this is a hard skill to master for many people. The reason being, is because you can successfully delegate and improperly delegate.
Knowing you are the CEO of your life (I hope you knew this), it is your responsibility to focus on the tasks that are going to yield the highest Return On Investment (ROI)!
If you have a family (which is a form of an organization), it is your job to make sure the members of your organization focus on tasks that are going to yield the highest ROI for themselves and the organization.
Now you may ask the question, how is this possible when there is so many little tasks?

Well, I have an answer for you… Delegation! Pay someone else to do it!
What trips most people up, is having to pay someone else to do a job or complete a task they are capable of completing themselves. (This is the wrong mindset)
Remember, money is not the most precious commodity, TIME is!
If it’s going to take you 3 hours each time you cut your grass, but if you pay someone to do it (which might cost you $200/mo) you could now spend those 6 hours on higher ROI activities.
**Above, I projected you cutting your grass twice a month**
This is one reason why you won’t see too many wealthy people cutting their own grass. The ROI is lower in comparison to other activities.

The skill of delegation will allow you to invest and dedicate more time towards activities that will have higher impacts on your life. It’s now your responsibility to share this information with your family and team so you all can focus on the HIGH ROI activities!


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