Why you should embrace tension,

Are you a person who dislikes conflict or better yet, avoids tense situations?
The goal today, is to understand good tension.
This may be new news you, but there is a difference between good tension and bad tension. I will only have time to talk about good tension today.

Super achievers (which is what I hope you keep striving to be) embrace tension!
Tension is another growing pain of success and productivity.
When you have good tension such as finding or creating an innovative way for your business to gain market share, it shows a sign of growth.
Another form of good tension is you striving towards your goals. As you start to tackle your goals, you will find yourself in tense situations.
You will begin to lose friends because your goals and values are moving in different directions. This will be a tense situation. Don’t worry, you will gain new friends who share common goals and values as you!

Understand that if you desire growth, you are going to have tension.
As you move throughout your day today, identify tension. Identify if it is good tension because you are growing and striving towards your definition of success.
As you identify, you will develop a new liking for the word tension and tense situations. They don’t always mean a bad thing…..

Now that you have a different perspective about tension, share it with someone. You just might spark something great in them! We need more people to understand that tension is a growing pain of success and moving towards one’s goals.


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