Knowing the controls you have and don’t have,

What are you basing your life on?
Are you basing it on the weather, traffic, or how people treat you?
The goal today is to share with you the dangers of utilizing unstable conditions to determine the direction, growth, success, or productivity of your life.

There is a little known fact all super achievers know.
If we were to base our decisions, outcomes, or life on whether or not people accepted us, valued us, or treated us with kindness, we know we would not be super achievers!
Letting these unstable conditions (other people) determine your progress in life will cause you to live a life of CONSTANT frustration and ultimately an unhappy life!
If you haven’t noticed it yet, there are people and conditions in this world that do not want to see you succeed.
Guess what, these people and conditions have 100% nothing to do with you, but 100% to do with their failures and lack of success!

When you are able to move past being a victim of these unstable conditions and base your life direction, growth, success, and productivity on values you have created, the world will be yours!
You can’t control the weather, traffic, how other people treat you, or if this world is fair to you. All you can do is control how you respond.
If you respond with your best, focus on your goals, and strive towards them with integrity and humility, you will be the tortoise crossing the finish line and not the hare running out of gas!
Plant your flag in the ground today! Make sure that ground is a solid foundation of goals, morals, and beliefs.

Once you have this foundation, use the material from our YouTube channel to help you progress forward. Share this blessing by forwarding it to 2 of your co-worker’s / team members!


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