The mindset you have when you view things,


What perspective do you look at life out of? What perspective do you look at your situation, experiences, and environment out of?

We have all heard the phrase: There is two sides of a story….

The same thing goes for every situation and every experience. There are two perspectives that you can look at.

My challenge for you today is going to be for you to take the “high” road when you look at it from the second perspective…. Finding the GOOD in the situation or experience.


Here is an exercise for you….

Something happens to you. Let’s say it’s the most brutal and horrifying experience you have had in life.

Do you have what that experience was??

Okay. The first question I want you to answer is, how long did it take for you to overcome that experience?

Now be honest….. We are talking about the most brutal and horrifying experience you have ever had in life! Possibly a negative event. A life changing event.

Maybe to help remind you how you felt in that situation just in case you are trying to “lighten the load” of remembering that experience; you might have been depressed, suicidal, heartbroken, angry, deceitful, or simply fed up.

This is one perspective. On the other hand, there is a different way you could have and probably viewed this experience.

You could have “found yourself” or you purpose in life. You could have used this experience to change people’s lives in positive way. You may have used this experience to create a business that is inventing amazing products and services.

You could have used that experience to create an organization which is now leading a movement or revolution in your community….


Are you getting the point here?

Depending on the perspective you look at when in or evaluating an experience or situation 100% determines the outcome.

Now it’s natural to have some of the feelings and emotions of the (left side) of the perspective; sadness, angry, heartache etc… But the key is how long you STAY there.

If you stay on the left side too long, feelings and emotions of complacency, bitterness, resentment and many other counterproductive emotions begin to overtake your life.

When you move to the (right side) you can become strengthen, energetic, passionate, resourceful, and even joyful!

However, as long as you have a choice (you ALWAYS have a CHOICE), you will look at things out of two perspectives. The good and the bad.

The last thing I will leave you with today is this: sometimes you go through experiences and situations so you can learn from them and be a coach / teacher to help someone through a very similar situation….

See, it’s not always about YOU.

Again, sometimes you will go through things in life so you can know first hand how someone might be feeling. And since you made it through, you now know how to coach someone else through that experience!


As I said earlier, always take the high road, the (right side) of the perspective. It will always produce good in your life and someone else’s as well. Share this with you network and make it a great day!


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