Being cautious of watching other people,

How much time do you spend watching other people live their dreams?
The scary part about this question is that you may not even know you are doing this.
I am going to give you some key indicators of you watching other people live their dreams and the life threatening consequences of doing this.

Let’s start with example activates. You may be mad at me once you see some of the ones that make the list, but the truth is not always pretty, so brace yourself!
Social media timeline scrolling, watching the news, watching reality tv shows, watching sports, watching your favorite tv shows / channels, in the political know, coffee pot gossip, as well as financial and economic complaining.
I told you that you were not going to like the list!
Now, and as always, there is nothing wrong with the items on this list because we all need entertainment. The discipline is how much you give your attention to the items on this list….
And this is where 97% of the human race struggles and fails!
I watch sports, I have favorite tv shows / channels, and my wife sometimes forces me to watch a few reality tv shows with her…..

But how am I still a Super Achiever?
It’s because I took the advice of my mentor: “Don’t spend a lot of time watching other people live out their dreams and the time you spend on making yours come true is very little” – Darren Hardy
That’s the secrete right there!
YOU have to spend more time focused on YOUR dreams than watching someone else live out theirs.
How can you possibly be focused and living out your dreams if you know more about someone else’s than your own?
Let me stop you right there! It’s IMPOSSIBLE!
As we continue to remind you (Super Achiever and Super Achievers in training) – what you give your attention to will be your reality!
You CAN do anything your mind can imagine, but it’s going to take DISCIPLINE and FOCUS. You cannot spend your precious time following someone else’s dreams / life.

We are always in training! Yes, even myself and the Customized Minds team. If you have been inspired or empowered by this message, please do share it with someone close to you or a complete stranger. I will see you and them back here same time next week!


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