Marcus Boles, President & CEO of Customized Minds talks about the difference between a good human being and gifted individual. He says that all people irrespective of their field, are talented individuals in their way. Supremely gifted individuals are nothing less than super humans. Such individuals have identified a way to make the best use of their potential and broadcast their talent on a global scale. However, being gifted is not a certificate for character or righteousness. Our society tends to blur the distinction between being a talented individual and a good human being, which is certainly not the case as explained by Marcus. You may not be the brightest mind on the planet, but you may have the kindest heart and vice versa. Even the most skilled individuals may struggle in their personal life due to lack of compassion, understanding or love. At Customized Minds, the emphasis is on blending talent, passion, and morality to achieve growth on a professional and personal level, simultaneously. Plug in and learn how to be achieve balance in all aspects of your life including business!

Managing your finances is an integral part to achieve balance in your life and you ought to be creative and proactive while managing your finances. Here is a small example of innovative financial management: have all of your bills pulled from your credit card, then pay the amount off THAT SAME MONTH from your checking account. Once you have paid your bill for that month, any excess funds should be moved into your savings account. Doing this will help you build / repair your credit.

The Investment Services division of Customized Minds is geared towards making your financial dreams a reality. We understand finances are not everyone’s favorite subject, but we do believe everyone needs to be educated in this area. You spending time with one of our licensed Investment Services professional, will not only change your financial path, but it can impact many people around you!

Take the correct steps to making sure your financial future is on the right path by clicking:
You owe it to yourself and family! Don’t be like the majority and fall in line of financial disaster. Fly with the Eagles and let the Customized Minds team help you!




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