All tasks differ in terms of significance. When choosing which task entails your urgent consideration, concentrate on the outcomes of leaving the task incomplete. Prioritizing your tasks is the key to increasing your productivity by a considerable measure.

In this video, Marcus Boles, President & CEO of Customized Minds, states the importance of doing the right tasks in time to enhance your operational efficiency. Marcus explains how it is crucial to differentiate things as per their importance and complete them in that order so that you can achieve your maximum potential. It is absolutely vital to do things that ought to be done and stop doing those things that must be avoided. Marcus also suggests starting work on the crucial tasks in the morning itself. That way as you finish the more important activities, you will see that you still have time left at the end of the day to deal with other tasks. We all are leaders in our own way. However, we need to comprehend that leadership is all about identifying the things that should be done and then doing them efficiently.

Besides refreshing your power of reasoning, that practice enhances your productivity. It also helps you discover new opportunities that you may not notice otherwise.

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