The President & CEO of Customized Minds, Marcus Boles talks about the difference between learning from successful people as a way to become successful yourself and mimicking them. A person who understands this difference is sure to succeed in all areas of his/her life.

Be yourself rather than trying to reflect someone else. Just change this outlook and watch how successful you will be. When you mimic success you try to be similar to that person and attaching yourselves to someone else’s ideas will lose the focus on your own story. Instead, build your own success.

To be frank, you are not here to relive someone else’s story but to create your own unique one and this may be the hardest part. Marcus emphasizes that the process of developing an idea that builds your character provides the most learning opportunities. While the end result may be great, but looking back at the lessons you learned along the way will be beneficial. These lessons will help you in your journey to success. Would you really swap them for a fast forwarded result? No, difficult situations make you what you are and help to achieve what you want.

Success can only be imitated. Look into areas of life where you want to succeed, be it personal or professional. Then study other people’s success and implement them in your life. If we keep mimicking others we won’t have any genuine and unique ideas. Super achievers get a breakthrough by learning how other people succeeded and how they can implement it in their life.

In order for you to succeed in life, stop mimicking and start learning how your mentor or favorite people succeeded. If you are in the need of connecting with people who have entrepreneurial mindsets and are super achievers, then you need to get in touch with the Business Start-Up – Development team at Customized Minds. Do so by clicking here:

The team is great at conditioning your mind which will allow you to truly focus on growing your product or service your business provides to the market place. The Business StartUp – Development team understands it can sometimes be hard to grow a business especially when you hear the word NO day in and day out. We want to make sure the clients you are servicing continue to have their lives enhanced because of what your company is or will provide to the market. Jump over our site so we can start the conversations today:

If you are not ready to start a company from scratch, but looking for a business opportunity, our E-Commerce Distribution division is a perfect opportunity for you to become an entrepreneur. With the low cost, low overhead, and your ability to create your own schedule, you will have all of the tools and resources to build a solid business. Get more information by clicking here:


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