In this video, Marcus Boles President & CEO of Customized Minds, talks about the how greatness is a matter of choice. Many individuals experience difficulty comprehending the fact that their life and every relation to it is in their hands. Implying that the individuals who are successful choose greatness and the ones who have fizzled, opted for oblivion and disappointment. If you seek greatness then you ought to choose greatness. To do this, you should assume liability for your life and your activities. You need to either find a way or make one. You can’t float along the waves trusting they’ll take you where you intend to go. Individuals for the sake of their own comfort tend to assume that everything occurs outside of their range of authority. They pounce at every chance to believe this since it liberates them from various obligations concerning their life. They can place the blame on others without realizing that the fault could very well be their own. Instead of facilitating your path to success, such an approach will only stop you from achieving greatness.

Marcus quotes the example of super achievers in different fields including sports and business to show how these achievers approach and achieve greatness. He mentions that obstacles such as mediocrity, complacency, and lack of humility can impede the path to greatness. Super achievers never let such barriers hamper their focus and determination to attain their life objectives.

As Marcus says, it’s your choice to either pick greatness or to let yourself tumble to the wayside, condemning yourself to a life of mediocrity

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