In this video Marcus Boles, President & CEO Customized Minds shares with you that life is a journey and you need to identify what your priorities are and put in the efforts and time to reach your goal.

We humans have a nature to approach new skills with all or nothing mentality. We give our 100% expecting rapid completion. We expect to achieve success as soon as we started. This kind of approach is not beneficial and leads to an imbalanced life. Stop approaching life like a sprint. Stop thinking that you can put in a pile of effort and rapidly reach your intended finish line. Life is a marathon and it’s about taking a bigger picture approach.

Life is a journey which takes a long process of training and conditioning to be able to perform. You need to build endurance, you need to be in tune with your body knowing when it needs fuel or rest, and when it needs to be pushed. The vital component of a balanced life is choosing priorities. If you are trying to balance a family and career, the choices are complex because both are important. You need to identify how to balance your work and personal life. Sit back and enlist what is important to you. Look at your life domains such as self, relationships, community and career and identify the imbalances present in each area. Work on regaining some of your time so that you can truly show up and be present in all the different areas of life.

Maybe you regret the moments missed, yet you realize that you can never recapture the times you sacrificed with those who mean the most to you. Marcus emphasizes that young people should slow down, be mindful of their actions, guard their dreams and remember that sustaining balance is an essential component of harmonious existence. So how about taking the advice to heart and start taking steps to balance your life? It’s never too late. Click here to get started

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