Marcus was born and raised in Kansas City Missouri. He spent 18 years of his life here gathering the principles that would set him on course to be an extraordinary entrepreneur; a super achiever as he calls it. A catalyst of education, he began a 6 year quest in 2008 and completing the journey in 2014 acquiring 5 degrees. These degrees consist of Information Technology, Marketing, Supply Chain, and Business. The supporting skills Marcus has obtained are: Sales, Recruiting, Financial and Real Estate Investment, Organizational Development, Innovation / Design Thinking, as well as Diversity and Inclusion just to name a few.

Marcus is a 3rd generation entrepreneur with over 25 years of entrepreneurship exposure, over 10 years of business and marketing experience and over 8 years of IT experience. It’s safe to say he was bred to be an Entrepreneur. Over the years, Marcus has started and developed many businesses. Some of the most recognized are Customized Minds, CM Investments, and Customized Shopping. All of the businesses Marcus has started, developed, or invested in have a common principle: People come first!

Marcus believes and shares in his messages that people are the key ingredient to our successes and failures. This belief was developed from his personal life mission. The gift of helping and loving people has been given to Marcus. Every day, he strives closer to fulfilling his purpose which is to empower and inspire millions of people who believe they were brought together to help each other achieve their purposes.

The passion, energy, excitement, and joy Marcus has is contagious. Interacting and receiving a life changing message from him is something no one can forget!

Speaking Topics:

1) Business, Business Growth

2) Communication Skills

3) Corporate Culture

4) Customer Experience

5) Education

6) Entrepreneur

7) Growth

8) Inspiration

9) Innovation

10) Motivation

11) Performance

12) Sales Growth

13) Teamwork

14) Change / Change Management

15) Creativity

16) Customer Loyalty/Relationship

17) Diversity

18) Empowerment

19) Entrepreneurship

20) Improving Performance

21) Leadership

22) Overcoming Adversity

23) Personal Development

24) Talent Management


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