In this video, Marcus Boles, President & CEO of Customized Minds talks in details about the concept of “It’s All on You”. What it means is that excuses should not hinder what you are trying to achieve. That is, you should take full responsibility for your actions, be it success or failures, happiness or sadness. When that happens, there will be no more chains binding you or hindering you from doing anything that you want to do or want to see come to pass in this world.

Marcus Boles goes on to say, that it’s all up to you and when you get into that mindset. Nothing else matters since you are totally responsible for achieving your goals. When you get to that state of mind, events that may have a direct or indirect impact on you don’t matter and because the only person responsible is you. By setting standards that are appealing, challenging, and rewarding, nothing can stop you in life. You only have the responsibility of controlling your actions, your mindset, your direction and your responses, not what happens to you.

Given these positives, Marcus Boles advises all to adopt this philosophy and apply it to every area of life. You will be responsible for all your actions because there is nobody that you can hold accountable except yourself. He says that until you adopt this concept, you’ll always be bound by limitations and external factors and influences that you cannot control. He says that once you do so, you’ll surprise yourself and you might look back in the past and wonder what might have happened if you had adapted this philosophy earlier. But don’t let it worry you because you can’t go back and change it.

Marcus Boles states, once you take full ownership and responsibility, you’ll accept that it’s all on you, irrespective of the possibility that there might be a million people on one side and you as an outcast, alone on the other. If you have made the decision to move in a direction by yourself, that is perfectly fine and you have nothing to worry about or be ashamed of.

Marcus Boles adds that if you have been inspired by this message, you share it with your family, your friends, and your business partners. All that has to be done is to hit the follow or share button so that others can also join in and help each other.


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