In this video, Marcus Boles, CEO of Customized Minds, talks about the importance of observing pain & learning from it to surmount challenges in life. Regardless of whether it is self-awareness or business development, success can’t be accomplished without standing up to your negative feelings and overcoming them. Stepping out of the pain and gaining perspective will certainly make you less susceptible to the downward spiral of misery. As Marcus says, life is a journey made easier if you can learn from your painful experiences and move forward with a constructive approach. Therefore, it is imperative to be prepared to encounter unexpected obstacles that life might throw in your way and display resilience in the face of adversities. Tune in as Marcus tells you about things you can do to minimize your misery and maximize our learning.

Living in fear hinders your growth on both professional and personal level. Overcoming fear plays a crucial role in your journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur. You gain valuable experience that will help you grow not only from business viewpoint but personally as well. To know more about how to achieve success as an entrepreneur get in touch with the Business StartUp – Development team at Customized Minds. Do so by clicking here:

The team is great at conditioning your mind which will allow you to truly focus on growing your product or service your business provides to the market place. The Business StartUp – Development team understands it can sometimes be hard to grow a business especially when you hear the word NO day in and day out. We want to make sure the clients you are servicing continue to have their lives enhanced because of what your company is or will provide to the market. Jump over our site so we can start the conversations today:

If you are not ready to start a company from scratch, but looking for a business opportunity, our E-Commerce Distribution division is a perfect opportunity for you to become an entrepreneur. With the low cost, low overhead, and your ability to create your own schedule, you will have all of the tools and resources to build a solid business. Get more information by clicking here:


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