In case you seek greater rewards in life such as becoming whether professionally or personally, you must overcome bigger challenges in order to step into your greatness. That is exactly what Marcus Boles, President & CEO of Customized Minds, shares in this video. Marcus cites the example of globally acclaimed motivational speaker Jim Rohn to inspire his listeners to success. Marcus explains the concept of “nudges by association” by dividing people into two sects. Individuals who are professionally successful and socially active fall in the first category whereas the second section belongs to the people who haven’t seen much of success and therefore, have developed a negative approach toward life in general. As Marcus states, people who intend to stay in the successful zone need to work hard and use their resources and tools to the fullest. Similarly, people who wish to move to the successful bracket of individuals ought to work even harder. They need to be more in the company of people with an optimistic approach so that their life is filled with positivity. That will not only benefit the community but them as well as it will lead them to success and happiness.

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