Marcus Boles talks about the need and benefits of creating a positive environment around us. Different environments bring about different results. If we live in conditions that reek of pessimism, it will only have an adverse affect on our life.

He says that in order to live a better life both, professionally and personally, it is important to make sure we engender an environment that fosters positivity and happiness. As Marcus says, that is more than less in our hands. Whether it is sharing resources and information, motivating others, or influencing our community, we need to identify the things that will help us remove the negativity from our lives.

Creating a positive environment holds prime to improving our lives. An environment where we do not feel acknowledged or appreciated only impedes our path to happiness and contentment. A constructive environment implies that a person feels comfortable, has a sense of affinity with family, friends, and coworkers. This type of environment produces self belief that a person can be successful.

Marcus also explains how we are programmed by the company we keep. We presumably mirror the thought processes, habits, and norms of those we are nearest to. Therefore, as Marcus says, it is important that we spend time in the company of great individuals who intend the best for us. Surround yourself with people who set an example for others with their perseverance and integrity.

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