Marcus Boles, President & CEO of Customized Minds talks to you about the importance of realizing the artist in you. He says, that all individuals in perspective of their field, are artists in their own right. Drawing a comparison between art and business development, he says, all business owners are artists. For entrepreneurs to be fruitful in their calling, they ought to acquire the art of applying knowledge and experience. The world of business is the cornerstone of the society. Just like art, business management encompasses a wide variety of things such as people management, handling finances, securing revenues and ensuring company’s growth. Marcus also compares parents with artists. With rapid technological advancements, the methods to raise children have also changed. Parents are finding unique and innovative ways to raise their children according to the modern society. Even building relationships and sustaining intimacy and love in marriage is an art and entails a certain level of creativity. Plug in and learn how to be creative in all aspects of your life including business!

Getting your creative juices to flow is not as hard as it is made out to be. People who are creative and innovative are actually the ones who are on the right path to financial freedom / security. One of the best things you can do is gain knowledge and broaden your horizons. This will help you identify your goals and eventually achieve them. Managing your finances is an integral part of your business and you ought to be creative and proactive with this task. Here is a small example of innovative financial management: have all of your bills pulled from your credit cards, then pay the amount off THAT SAME MONTH from your checking account. Once you have paid your bills for that month, any excess funds should be moved into your savings account. Doing this will help you build / repair your credit.

The Investment Services division of Customized Minds is geared towards making your financial dreams a reality. We understand finances are not everyone’s favorite subject, but we do believe everyone needs to be educated in this area. You spending time with one of our licensed Investment Services professional, will not only change your financial path, but it can impact many people around you!

Take the correct steps to making sure your financial future is on the right path by clicking:
You owe it to yourself and family! Don’t be like the majority and fall in line of financial disaster. Fly with the Eagles and let the Customized Minds team help you!



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