Marcus Boles talks in this video about the importance of a mentor in one’s life. He explains the benefits of both, physical mentors and virtual mentors. The advantage of having a physical mentor is that you can interact with him or her on a personal level to take practical guidance, which establishes a strong bond between you two.

However, having a virtual mentor has its benefits too. The advent of social media has made it conceivable for aspiring individuals to seek guidance and hone their abilities from the top specialists in various spheres by means of the internet. As Marcus says, even if your mentor is not there with you in person, you can still receive guidance and motivation from him or her, given that you have selected the right mentor. Besides that, you can also take motivation and guidance from individuals who are not in this world anymore such as the legends of the past. You can take inspiration from famous people who have accomplished deeds of historical significance.

In case, you can have both virtual as well as physical mentor, nothing like it. A mentor can play an important role in terms of your personal as well as professional development. Selecting the right mentor is crucial to maximizing your potential & achieving life goals.

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