Marcus Boles talks about the various things that can make you better. He says that in order to live an improved life both, professional and personal, it’s important to realize the things that can make you better from different viewpoints. Whether it is sharing knowledge, inspiring others, striving to make relations better, or influencing your community, you ought to identify the things which empower you to use your time and energy in the best way.

Marcus also states that our company matters a lot. The people who we spend our time with have a defining impact on our life. Marcus draws the point that we are mostly like and reflect the actions of those we are closest to. Therefore, as Marcus says, it’s important that we keep the company of great individuals who intend the best for you. Surrounding yourself with people who strive for excellence, inspire and empower others will help you advance in life It’s just as imperative to leave the company of those who only bring negativity in your life.

In business, it’s crucial to have a capable advisory team that can help you achieve your business objectives in the minimum possible time. In short, positive influence is the key to maximizing your potential and inspiring greatness within you.

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