In this video, Marcus Boles, CEO of Customized Minds, talks about the importance of unplugging and getting away from the mundane affairs of life for a while.

There are significant psychological drawbacks to the continuous connectivity that’s turned into a way of life. Marcus shares the repercussions of overexposure to social media, the Internet, and our obsession with technology which has led us to a lifestyle devoid of peace of mind. If multitasking and constant connectivity causes a lack of efficiency, then wouldn’t social relationships suffer and allow stress to enter in one’s life?As Marcus confirms, the answer to that is “yes.” Keeping away from using technology so often “unplugging” can be a great tool to relieve stress.

Check to see if people in your home, your family, or your co-workers unplug. If they don’t, challenge them to do so with you. Doing this with the support of family and friends can make it more enjoyable. It will also promote accountability for you and people around you. While unplugging may not generally simple or endorsed in the present environment, it’s imperative to our success and prosperity in life. When we’re ready to disengage ourselves, we can recapture a some of the enthusiasm, and passion that frequently gets diminished or lost when we permit ourselves to get sucked into the world of technology.

Tune in to know more about how to unplug in your daily life!

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